Program In Auditory Neuroscience

The Division of Auditory Neuroscience is dedicated to advancing knowledge about:

starThe neurobiological foundations of music perception, learning, and performance in children and adults

starThe pathophysiology of music- and noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus, which will affect more than 20 million Americans and half of all musicians by the year 2025

starMusic, voice, and speech perception in previously deaf children and adults who can hear through the surgical implantation of electrical devices that directly stimulate the auditory nerve

starThe effects of Alzheimer's disease, dyslexia, stroke, Parkinson's disease, childhood learning disorders, attention deficit disorder, drugs, schizophrenia, and depression on music perception, learning, and performance

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Brain Structures Governing Music Perception, Performance, and Cognition
Anatomical Mapping of the Sound Spectrum in the Inner Ear's Organ of Corti
Publications in Auditory Neuroscience